Thank you for your interest in Mt Index Properties, LLC (dba SkyCabins). We find that those who take the time to read this information are fully informed about their and our rental obligations. Making a reservation implies agreement with these policies.

Payment:  10% of the base cabin rental (e.g. $35 if rent is $350 before taxes and additional people charge), or $50 whichever is less, will be charged to a credit card (Master Card, Visa, Discover) when the reservation is made, and is nonrefundable but can be transferred to a new reservation if the reschedule is made more than 30 days prior to original arrival date. The remaining balance of the rent plus the security deposit is due 30 days prior to arrival date. A check for the balance is preferred but if not received by the due date, it will be charged to the credit card used when the reservation was made. You will be notified of the charge after it is made, so you may want to put a reminder on your calendar of the due date. If a reservation is made less than 30 days prior to arrival, full rental payment and the deposit will be charged to a credit card when the reservation is made.

Security deposit: There is a $200 security deposit which is in addition to the cabin rental.  The security deposit will be refunded  by check within 7 days after the last day of your stay if the cabin is left clean, there is no damage or loss, and all policies have been observed.  The deposit can be refunded to your credit card upon request in which case $5.00 will be deducted.

30 Day Cancellation/Reschedule policy:  If reservation is cancelled/rescheduled within 30 days of arrival there is a refund of all the security deposit and 90% of the rent for the nights that are rebooked.   No refund except security deposit if cancellation/reschedule made within 30 days of arrival and cabin cannot be rebooked.  The 10% reservation fee is nonrefundable but can be transferred to a new reservation if the reschedule is made more than 30 days prior to original arrival date.

To ensure that your cancellation or reschedule notice was received, all reservation changes, including # of people, must be acknowledged in writing by Mt Index Properties, LLC. You are encouraged to buy trip insurance to cover emergencies. Refunds will not be made for weather or road closure unless Hwy 2 is closed both directions (east & west bound) to the cabin. You should be prepared for winter driving conditions if you make a reservation for the winter months.

Rates: Current rates are posted on the rates page and the availability calendar.  Washington tax (8.6%) will be added to these rates. Rates based on double occupancy (two people/one bed); additional charge for additional people and additional beds. The discounted midweek and weekly rates are not available during major holidays. There is no charge for children who are not walking if an additional bed is not needed.  Single night reservations are sometimes accepted with a cleaning surcharge. Rates are subject to change and the new rates apply only to new reservations.

Energy Surcharge: In spite of rising energy costs we are trying to keep rates down and ask that guests help by replacing both of the covers on the hot tub when it is not being used, and by keeping windows and doors closed when the heat is on. If you choose not to do so, there is a $20 charge per occurence or per day. Rates are based on double occupancy, two people/one bed. There is an additional charge for additional people and additional beds. When two people use two beds there is a charge of $20 for the cleaning and the extra energy required for the extra laundry.

Minimum Stay/Holidays: There is a 2-4 night minimum stay with some exceptions as posted on the availability calendar. Shorter stays may be accepted where available or last minute. Single nights, when available, are rented with a $20 surcharge.

Minimum Age: Anyone under age 21 must be accompanied by their parent. Exceptions are made on an individual basis.

Change in the Number of Guests/Conduct of Renters: Please inform us of any change in the number of people staying at the cabin before your arrival. No refunds are given for changes in the number of guests after your arrival. Each cabin accommodates up to 4 people (5 if includes children). The cabin is not for parties, nor gatherings at any time of anyone except those who have paid to stay there. Unauthorized people at the cabin at any time will result in loss of the deposit. If there is excessive noise, any illegal activity, or evidence of violation of these policies you may be asked to vacate the premise without any refund.

Arrival Time: Occasionally an early arrival or departure is available at $20/hr. Departure time: Your prompt departure is appreciated so we can prepare the cabin for the next guests. Late departures without prior authorization are $10/10 minutes.

Smoking/Odors and Other Allergens: Non-smokers are preferred, but smoking is allowed outside, away from the windows & doors. Close the doors & windows so smoke does not drift into the cabin. Discard the butts and ashes in the outside garbage. Do not throw butts on the ground (including the fire ring) or put in the garbage inside the cabin, or allow the ashes to fall to the ground/deck. Oil lamps, incense, cologne, and maple bacon are not permitted in the cabin due to the long-lasting odor. If these policies are violated, there will be a 5 hr excessive cleaning charge @ $45/hr. There is also a cleaning charge for extreme smokiness in Mountain View as a result of using the wood stove incorrectly (instructions to prevent smokiness is provided).

Pets: Pets are not allowed at Mountain View or on the property (including in vehicles) at any time. Pets at Mountain View will result in loss of deposit.

Dogs: Up to two (2) flea free, quiet, clean dogs are allowed at Sky Beach Cabin with an additional charge. Pets are not allowed at Mountain View.  Dogs are allowed at Whispering Waters until 9/26/14, after which pets will not be allowed.  Please wash and treat the dog(s) for fleas prior to coming to the cabin. Dogs are not allowed on the furniture. All dog hair, dog smell, and droppings must be removed before your departure in order to have the deposit refunded. The dogs must be kept quiet, on leash or under voice command and cannot be left alone in the cabin unless crated.  Dogs are not allowed in the hot tub.  Sorry, cats are not allowed.

Damage, Missing Items: Any damage to the cabin or its contents or missing item(s) will be deducted from the deposit. If the amount of the damage/loss/cleaning exceeds the deposit amount, the balance will be charged to your credit card at repair or replacement cost. If there is such a charge, an explanation will be mailed to you within 15 days. If there is extensive damage or cleaning, the final charge may be after 15 days.

Hot Tub: Use of the hot tub is strictly at your own risk and liability. An adult must always accompany children. Observe the safety precautions posted at the tub and have other guests do likewise. Use the cover lifter (if provided) to remove & replace the hard tub cover-do not pull on the cover’s straps or flaps. There is a $300 charge if the cover is ripped as it allows the foam to become water logged which ends its insulating value. Do not sit, stand or lie on the tub cover. Replace both covers when you are not in the tub to conserve heat, for safety, and to keep debris out of the water. There is a $20 charge if either cover is off when the tub isn’t being used. Use non-breakable drink containers in the tub area. Do not add anything to the water as many additives cause foaming. The tub’s chemistry is checked on a daily to every-other-day basis between 8am-noon and usually takes less than a minute. If these times are not convenient, please call. If the tub needs attention, please notify us. If the water level is low (below the water fill line) add more water or call. Shower or bathe before using the hot tub. The tubs are drained and refilled about every 2 weeks. If there is excessive foaming, this is due to detergents & soaps. To prevent foaming, it is recommended that you rinse out swim suits and shower without soap before using the tub. If the next guests are unable to use the tub due to murky water or the tub has to be drained prior to schedule, there is a $55 charge. Instructions for the tub controls are posted at the tub or we will be happy to help you.  Do not get in the river and then into the tub as the sand and grit damages the plumbing and the algae from the river turns the hot tub water green.

Housekeeping is not provided during your stay unless previously arranged. Basic cleaning supplies are stocked to do your own cleaning during your stay and to clean before departing. Before departing, please do the following: remove garbage & recycling to outside containers, wash the dishes (may be left in dishwasher or dish drainer), wipe all countertops, clean the appliances that have been used (including BBQ grill), put used towels and sheets in laundry basket, and sweep or vacuum floors that are excessively dirty. There will be a minimum cleaning charge of $45/hr with a one hour minimum if the preceeding is not done. There is a minimum 5 hour charge @ $45/hr for the following: any tobacco smell or products in the cabin, unauthorized pets on the property, urine on bedding, excessive odor.

Plumbing: Do not put any feminine products in the toilet. The toilets are water-saving models and don’t have a strong flush – limiting the amount of toilet paper used will help prevent a clog. Plungers are provided if a clog occurs. Please do not pour grease down the kitchen drain – a grease pot is provided.

Power Failure/Weather/Early Departure: If you are without power for more than 8 continuous hours between 7am-11pm, a prorated refund will be given if you wish to leave. Emergency equipment such as lights is provided to use during a power failure. We do not give refunds due to inclement weather, road conditions, or for early departure for any reason unless we are able to rebook the cabin. You are encouraged to buy travelers insurance (e.g. www.InsureMyTrip.com ) to cover emergencies that would result in early departure or cancellation.

Cancellations by Mt. Index Properties: In the unlikely event that we will have to make any changes to confirmed reservations, we will advise you at the earliest possible date. If this does happen, you will be given a full refund. We will not be liable for any further obligations or claims by you.

Security of the Cabin: When you rent the cabin, you assume responsibility for it and its contents, as well as your personal property. Always lock the doors and windows when you leave the cabin.  There is a keysafe or electronic door lock to which you will be given a code. This code is changed with every renter for security.

Risks/Safety: There are conditions in and around the home that may pose hazards, such as the river, steep riverbank, hot tub, open stairways. Mt. Index Properties, LLC does not assume any responsibility for injuries resulting from your failure to use due caution.  Whispering Waters is not suitable for children due to the abrupt riverbank.  Children must be supervised at all times. Candles are not allowed due to fire hazard except citronella candles in buckets used outside. Do not put any flammable material on or near any heat source, such as the electric baseboard heaters, gas fireplace, wood stove.

Winter Conditions: We will have the driveway and walkways clear of snow before your arrival. A shovel is provided should you need it during your stay for the walkways. Access to the river may be limited in the winter due to snow. If you make a reservation for a stay during winter months, be prepared for winter road conditions. Refunds are not given for inclement weather, nor for road closure unless Hwy 2 is closed in both directions to the cabins.

Repairs: Please let us know of any needed repairs and they will be repaired as soon as possible, during your stay if possible so you are not inconvenieced. No refunds will be issued for malfunctioning equipment unless it poses a safety hazard, in which case a prorated refund will be given. A $25 refund/stay will be given if you are unable to use the hot tub due to malfunction.

Fire Ring: The fire ring cannot be used when there is a burn ban, which is common late July through September. When using the fire ring, a charged water hose is to be within 10 ft. The size of the fire should be small enough that embers are not landing outside the rock ring. Fires must be attended at all times and completely extinguished before going to bed. Bring wood with you. as wood is not provided and wood cutting/gathering around the cabin is not permitted.

Fireplace: The gas fireplace at Whispering Waters is turned off during warm weather in the summer. It will be turned on when deemed necessary to provide heat during cool weather. The glass front gets very hot – do not touch the glass or put anything flammable closeby. The doors must be kept closed or the screen in place on the wood stove (Mountain View) to prevent damage to the floor by flying sparks.

Recreation Equipment: Use of the recreation equipment (horseshoes, and inner tubes when provided) is strictly at your own risk and liability.

Left Items: Please check carefully for belongings before you leave. Left items can be mailed to you COD if requested.

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